Creating Beautiful Interior Decorations with Translucent Wall Panels

Decorating homes with the right kind of equipments is every persons dream. There are different naturally occurring substances that can help you in forming beautiful designs for your interiors. Apart from your house you can modify your office and other areas. Translucent wall panels are one of the important products which are popular for its interior decoration. These panels are designed in a specific way so that you can avail the maximum benefit out of it.

Features of Decorative Wall Panels

  • These panels are non fragile.
  • The panels are resistant to heat and moisture.
  • They are made of naturally occurring gemstones hence are also decay proof.
  • Easy maintenance: You do not have to take a lot of care of the decorative wall panels.
  • Easy installation: These decorative panels can be easily installed and beautifies your interior.
  • Easy usage: The flexibility of these panels is not only restricted to the walls of your interior and you can easily install them on the floors, furniture, ceiling and other parts of the interiors.

Decorative Wall Panels

The adorable nature of the translucent wall panels is due to the illuminating property of the natural stones. They can be cut into appropriate sizes as per your wall and other installing measurements. For backlit decorations you have to take the help of an expert because they can assist you with the suitable mixture of light color and its intensity with the type of stone incorporated. You can hire a light architect at an affordable cost and they can help you in adapting the suitable decorative measures.

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Customization of Lightweight Translucent Stone Panels for Interior Decor

If you are ready to renovate the interior of your house then think about installing translucent stone panels for efficient customizations. These panels are the ideal choice for decorating both your interior and exterior arena. You can find different variety of stone panels which are crafted using different type of stones. Due to the flexibility of these panels in every field of decoration, it has become the major choice of the people. They are the most popular translucent creations which have been termed as an important product for interior designing.

Sophisticated Uses of Semi Precious Gemstones

According to the traditional behavior, semi precious gemstones are considered as sacred and were used for different revered uses. Now days, the uses of these stones is not only restricted to these sacred purposes and have got a lot of uses in decoration and designing. The important property of these gemstones is that they can be mixed with any material and are capable enough to change its appearance completely.

Semi Precious Gemstones

The elegance of these semi precious gemstones is due to their internal structure and natural carvings. They are the perfect material for backlight designing. This is due to the property of translucency. Whenever they are infused with any material and illumination is provided, then they help in brightening of the illumination and thereby producing wonderful backlight effects. Due to their natural formation under pressure and temperature, they are highly stable. The beauty of translucent stone panels lies in their formation and their ability to get combined with every decoration to create uniqueness. 

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Captivating Decoration of Stones for Perfect Translucent Bar Tops

Translucency is the property of a material to allow the passage of light through it. There are several stones found in the nature which has the property of transmitting light through it. Due to the ability these stones they are preferred for a variety of uses in decorations and designing. When light passes through the stone, the internal structure of the stone is completely visible. The passage of light through the body of the stone makes these stones a perfect material for the design of translucent bar tops and other in-house décor.

Backlit Onyx Panels for Translucent and Colorful Carvings

Onyx is one of the beautiful naturally occurring stones which have the most unique internal design patterns. It is even translucent and when light passes through the stone then it creates wonderful patterns and hence is considered in the making of backlit onyx panels. Apart from translucency, it occurs at different natural colors which enhance its beautification.

Translucent bar tops

Onyx can be used to illuminate all your in-house materials. When these delicate stones are infused with any of your in-house decorating materials then they can produce the required illumination. They prove themselves to be the perfect material for backlit onyx panels. You can create your in house panels and can infuse these stones with proper lightening. For carving out special designs in your panels and guiding those with proper illumination can only be done by an expert. The mixture of appropriate color with light can work wonders in creating magnificent translucent bar tops and walls.

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Growing Translucent Stone Usage in Interior Decoration Applications

Precious stones have been an ancient item of adoration throughout the civilization history around the world. We find magnificent structures dotting the Asian countries as the best preserved and cherished remnants of the past. Nowadays we are witnessing the usage of precious translucent stone as a theme decoration in conjunction with the electrical effects. The hospitality industry has been in the fore front in the use of marble and semiprecious stone slabs so as to create a royal ambience for their customers.

Backlit Onyx Slabs and Wall Halos

Some interior designers began experimenting with the precious stone slabs and corners and tried to illuminate them with a backlight source thus creating a unique feel of a natural glow. Translucent stone found maximum chance to get experimented for such innovative theme. The reason that it allowed the light to partially pass through it thus causing the desired illumination effect. It emerged as a novel experience to watch cool glowing walls in the background. Backlit onyx gained additional acceptance under this theme on account of its exceptional colored matrix it assumes.


Onyx is a chalcedony crystal with multi colored banded characterizations. Because of such a beautiful appearance it gained prominence as illuminated halo projections. Variety of parallel color bands when lit from the back present remarkably adorable atmospheres for the beholder’s eye. Backlit onyx has been finding tremendous application as glowing tables and corners as also extensive wall mounts in not only hospitality segment but also in home decorations. Such a concept has emerged as a status icon of decoration and an experimental turf for the designers and decorators!

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Add a Zing to Your Architectural Work with Translucent Stones

Adding a new dimension to your monotonous kitchen should not start by you tearing up the cabinets. Add a hint of translucent stones on the cabinet knobs and you will see a brighter kitchen. Semitransparent stones have been used as ornaments for centuries but with the latest technique and developing lifestyles you can add them into your lovely abodes. ‘Yellow quartz’ and’ blue agate’ are the perfect choice to add a new element to your kitchen or bathroom floor or tiles.

Semi Precious Stones Work Well in Both Commercial and Domestic Places

Not only can the translucent stones be added on the floors and walls but you can add a hint of it to the background of furniture. Imagine a floor bed with a background of ‘carnelian gemstone’. Who would not love to dive into such a bed and lost for some time.

Semi Precious Slabs 1

Creating your dream house or office can be more fun and loving once you consider adding semi precious stones. Add them as kitchen slabs, washroom tiles, conference tables or just a wall art. Coloured semiprecious stones are cut, polished and waxed according to the need of the client and area over which they have to be added. A conventional cut semi precious stone can be a perfect element in your dream home.

If you have a bar area what better way to beautify then to add a beautiful ‘red Petr wood’ stone slab and be the perfect host. The key is to add such a stone piece which every time you look tells a different story.

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LED Light Pads – Backlighting Solutions with Cost Effectiveness

LED light pads have become very popular LED products today. These are used to backlight veneer interiors, panels and signage as they are cost effective and easy to install. The fast paced developments in LED technology have made these LED lights available in many bright versions and colours sometimes even replacing the main source of lighting. Flexible strips of LEDs are available in the market today in which diodes are placed equidistant from each other in the form of a panel. These panels use low voltage and are easy to install. A measure of their performance is the number of LEDs within a meter.

Usually there are LEDs placed one after another but in some panels they are huddled closer, in two or three rows next to each other. This causes heat build-up and dramatically shortens the life span of the strip. The colour range of LED light pads is now limitless as any colour effect can be created using the RGB (red green blue) technique in which fundamental colours correspond to specific voltages applied to the diode.

LED Light Pads

There are three shades of white colour available: bright or cold white, warm or yellowish white and the plain white that is a combination of the two in various degrees. The IP rating of these strips is 67 indicating the level of protection against intrusion of foreign objects, dust and water in electrical housings. These strips operate at a low voltage and are accompanied by a transformer that down-steps the voltage to 12V-24V.  For backlight purposes these lights are an excellent choice but they need to have features that provide for installation ease for instance an aluminium pad. To suit a variety of moods, they should be dimmable and have controllers that give them colours.

LED light pads are a brilliant solution for backlight purposes as they are easy to install and can be controlled using electrical devices.

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Decorative Resin Panel – The Perfect Artistic Wall Idea for Your Abode

Imagine looking at a plain dull wall; now imagine the same with the decorative resin panel. More and more interior designers are using the option of resin decorative panels to add a new dimension to their talent. ‘Mediterranean style resin panel’ are good if added alone on a wall or as cut outs. Even if you are thinking of options to cover up some area of balcony or deck resin shutters can add an appealing touch. Though the cost of the panels is costly due to the fact of high definition polishing and scratch proof technique used, but if you are going for a lifelong investment you need not think twice.

Resin Decorative Panels Add a New Aspect to Your Home Renovation Requirement

Resin decorative panels have become such a vast popular choice among individuals looking for renovation ideas. Many home improvement stores have stylish options of backlight resin panels, digital imagery panels which can make a dull room light up in a new way. Either you wish to add these resin decorative panels in your kitchen, washrooms, and feature walls or as a shutter panel on a deck, anywhere you imagine, the decorative resin panel works magnificently.

Resin Decorative Panels

The resin decorative panels are available in different size cuts according to the customer’s need. Once you have selected on a panel the manufactures take care of the whole installation process carefully as per your requirement. In the end, it can be said that resin panels are a great choice to add a touch of elegance into a modern lifestyle.

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