LED Light Pads – Backlighting Solutions with Cost Effectiveness

LED light pads have become very popular LED products today. These are used to backlight veneer interiors, panels and signage as they are cost effective and easy to install. The fast paced developments in LED technology have made these LED lights available in many bright versions and colours sometimes even replacing the main source of lighting. Flexible strips of LEDs are available in the market today in which diodes are placed equidistant from each other in the form of a panel. These panels use low voltage and are easy to install. A measure of their performance is the number of LEDs within a meter.

Usually there are LEDs placed one after another but in some panels they are huddled closer, in two or three rows next to each other. This causes heat build-up and dramatically shortens the life span of the strip. The colour range of LED light pads is now limitless as any colour effect can be created using the RGB (red green blue) technique in which fundamental colours correspond to specific voltages applied to the diode.

LED Light Pads

There are three shades of white colour available: bright or cold white, warm or yellowish white and the plain white that is a combination of the two in various degrees. The IP rating of these strips is 67 indicating the level of protection against intrusion of foreign objects, dust and water in electrical housings. These strips operate at a low voltage and are accompanied by a transformer that down-steps the voltage to 12V-24V.  For backlight purposes these lights are an excellent choice but they need to have features that provide for installation ease for instance an aluminium pad. To suit a variety of moods, they should be dimmable and have controllers that give them colours.

LED light pads are a brilliant solution for backlight purposes as they are easy to install and can be controlled using electrical devices.


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