Add a Zing to Your Architectural Work with Translucent Stones

Adding a new dimension to your monotonous kitchen should not start by you tearing up the cabinets. Add a hint of translucent stones on the cabinet knobs and you will see a brighter kitchen. Semitransparent stones have been used as ornaments for centuries but with the latest technique and developing lifestyles you can add them into your lovely abodes. ‘Yellow quartz’ and’ blue agate’ are the perfect choice to add a new element to your kitchen or bathroom floor or tiles.

Semi Precious Stones Work Well in Both Commercial and Domestic Places

Not only can the translucent stones be added on the floors and walls but you can add a hint of it to the background of furniture. Imagine a floor bed with a background of ‘carnelian gemstone’. Who would not love to dive into such a bed and lost for some time.

Semi Precious Slabs 1

Creating your dream house or office can be more fun and loving once you consider adding semi precious stones. Add them as kitchen slabs, washroom tiles, conference tables or just a wall art. Coloured semiprecious stones are cut, polished and waxed according to the need of the client and area over which they have to be added. A conventional cut semi precious stone can be a perfect element in your dream home.

If you have a bar area what better way to beautify then to add a beautiful ‘red Petr wood’ stone slab and be the perfect host. The key is to add such a stone piece which every time you look tells a different story.


About Jeb Bott

From translucent stones to resin panels, Translucent Creations Ltd supplies a wide range of stunning, versatile and economical products and blends them with exceptional interior designs to produce a marvellous effect.
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