Growing Translucent Stone Usage in Interior Decoration Applications

Precious stones have been an ancient item of adoration throughout the civilization history around the world. We find magnificent structures dotting the Asian countries as the best preserved and cherished remnants of the past. Nowadays we are witnessing the usage of precious translucent stone as a theme decoration in conjunction with the electrical effects. The hospitality industry has been in the fore front in the use of marble and semiprecious stone slabs so as to create a royal ambience for their customers.

Backlit Onyx Slabs and Wall Halos

Some interior designers began experimenting with the precious stone slabs and corners and tried to illuminate them with a backlight source thus creating a unique feel of a natural glow. Translucent stone found maximum chance to get experimented for such innovative theme. The reason that it allowed the light to partially pass through it thus causing the desired illumination effect. It emerged as a novel experience to watch cool glowing walls in the background. Backlit onyx gained additional acceptance under this theme on account of its exceptional colored matrix it assumes.


Onyx is a chalcedony crystal with multi colored banded characterizations. Because of such a beautiful appearance it gained prominence as illuminated halo projections. Variety of parallel color bands when lit from the back present remarkably adorable atmospheres for the beholder’s eye. Backlit onyx has been finding tremendous application as glowing tables and corners as also extensive wall mounts in not only hospitality segment but also in home decorations. Such a concept has emerged as a status icon of decoration and an experimental turf for the designers and decorators!


About Jeb Bott

From translucent stones to resin panels, Translucent Creations Ltd supplies a wide range of stunning, versatile and economical products and blends them with exceptional interior designs to produce a marvellous effect.
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