Captivating Decoration of Stones for Perfect Translucent Bar Tops

Translucency is the property of a material to allow the passage of light through it. There are several stones found in the nature which has the property of transmitting light through it. Due to the ability these stones they are preferred for a variety of uses in decorations and designing. When light passes through the stone, the internal structure of the stone is completely visible. The passage of light through the body of the stone makes these stones a perfect material for the design of translucent bar tops and other in-house décor.

Backlit Onyx Panels for Translucent and Colorful Carvings

Onyx is one of the beautiful naturally occurring stones which have the most unique internal design patterns. It is even translucent and when light passes through the stone then it creates wonderful patterns and hence is considered in the making of backlit onyx panels. Apart from translucency, it occurs at different natural colors which enhance its beautification.

Translucent bar tops

Onyx can be used to illuminate all your in-house materials. When these delicate stones are infused with any of your in-house decorating materials then they can produce the required illumination. They prove themselves to be the perfect material for backlit onyx panels. You can create your in house panels and can infuse these stones with proper lightening. For carving out special designs in your panels and guiding those with proper illumination can only be done by an expert. The mixture of appropriate color with light can work wonders in creating magnificent translucent bar tops and walls.


About Jeb Bott

From translucent stones to resin panels, Translucent Creations Ltd supplies a wide range of stunning, versatile and economical products and blends them with exceptional interior designs to produce a marvellous effect.
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